111 Reasons to Breastfeed
Guest post by Jenny Silverstone

Being a mom is expensive. All your disposable income seems to go to baby gear and doctor’s visits, and sometimes, even when your paychecks are gone, you still have a long list of essentials you need to get.

Feeding your baby is one area where you can cut costs dramatically. Instead of spending $100 a month or more on formula, you can breastfeed, which doesn’t have to cost a thing. But saving money is just one of the many benefits of breastfeeding.

To help moms make an informed decision about which method of feeding they’ll choose, Mom Loves Best has created a list of 111 reasons why breastfeeding is the superior feeding choice.

In addition to being cheaper, breast milk provides the perfect nutrition for a growing baby -- she doesn’t need anything else. So while you’re saving money, you can rest easy knowing your baby is getting everything she needs to grow up healthy and strong.

The health benefits of breastfeeding are amazing, with breastfeeding reducing both you and your baby’s risk of getting cancer. Using the milk your body produces can also help decrease autoimmune risk, contribute to heart health and foster a closer relationship between you and your baby.

Although it's not only mommy and baby that get all the benefits. Everyone in our society has the potential to gain as a result of lower medical expenses, less air and landfill pollution, increased work productivity and fewer sick days taken by breastfeeding mothers and their children. Not to mention the fact that UNICEF estimates a whopping 1,300,000 lives could be saved each year if more women breastfed their babies.

It's no wonder that this year's World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7) is centered around "working together for the common good," because it's clear to see that a woman’s decision to breastfeed is a decision that benefits us all.

About the Author
Jenny Silverstone is the mother of two, a breastfeeding advocate and a coffee addict. You can find her writing about how she overcame her struggles with breastfeeding on her blog, Mom Loves Best.