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Introducing Lake Norman Breastfeeding Solutions

posted Sep 17, 2015, 11:40 AM by Carolyn Honea, IBCLC, CLC   [ updated Sep 17, 2015, 11:52 AM ]
You may have noticed over the past month I've been gradually switching over my business name from Carolyn Honea, Certified actation Counselor to Lake Norman Breastfeeding Solutions. The changeover is finally complete with my new name reflected on my website, newsletter, handouts, etc. I even have a vehicle magnet proudly proclaiming it (pictured right) to the embarrassment of my 8 year old!

I selected this name because it communicates the geographic area I'm based in - Lake Normanit uses the more common term for lactation - breastfeedingand it emphasizes what so many women are looking for - solutions. Thanks to Emily DiGiacomo for the great name suggestion!

My services are still the same - I'm offering home visits everywhere from north Charlotte up to Statesville as well as appointments in my downtown Davidson office. Don't forget the group breastfeeding classes I offer quarterly and private classes upon request.

Its been over four years since I received my lactation counseling certification and began my private practice, and I'm loving it now more than ever! Thanks to all the amazing families who allow me the joy of supporting them.

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