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Group Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding Class Registration

Information on Group Classes

Length: 3 hours

Cost: $30 per mother/couple. Due at registration.

Offered around every 3 months

You will be empowered to successfully breastfeed and avoid/minimize common problems such as low milk supply, baby that won't latch, painful nipples, etc by exploring the 3 Secrets to Success you absolutely want to know before birth. Once the essential foundation for success has been laid, you will find out how to develop a routine that works for you and baby, how/when to start pumping and planning for return to work/school, how to incorporate breastfeeding into your lifestyle, experiences of breastfeeding from birth through weaning, and other topics that will set you up for a positive breastfeeding experience. You'll leave inspired and encouraged, looking forward to the special closeness you will share with your baby through breastfeeding! Your support person (baby's dad, grandma, best friend, etc) is encouraged to attend.

Topics Will Include:

  • The 3 Essential Secrets to Success
  • Timeline of the breastfeeding experience from birth through weaning
  • How to ensure baby is thriving on your milk
  • Information on pumping, return to work/school, and creating a breastfeeding-friendly routine
  • Ways your support person can be involved
  • How to prevent common problems
  • Videos of real moms nursing real babies
  • How a lactation consultant can help

To book a class for your group/practice:
If you are part of a group, practice or organization that would like to host a breastfeeding class please email for booking details. This class can be adjusted for the audience, and both pregnant women and mothers already breastfeeding newborns will find this class relevant. Faith-based classes are also available.