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Virtual Consults

Length: 30 minutes or 60 minutes
Cost: $25/30m or $45/60m paid at booking

Virtual breastfeeding consultations are available for established clients* who have a few questions or concerns but either do not need or want an in person consult. These Skype or FaceTime appointments can cover topics such as pumping, introducing solids, troubleshooting your baby's routine or new phase, and assistance with breastfeeding/medication compatibility. Topics related to breast pain, latch, milk supply or growth are better suited to an in-person consult. Please keep in mind I cannot weigh your baby in a virtual appointment.

*If you are out of my area and interested in a virtual consult, please first research if there is a local consultant who may be able to help you more effectively. However, if you are not able to find local assistance, you are welcome to schedule a virtual consult.

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