Breastfeeding Well Checks

The best kind of breastfeeding support is offered during normal ages and stages of caring for your baby. This proactive, mentoring approach empowers you to enjoy the experience of nurturing your baby without being surprised by the unique changes of each season. Beginning with a home visit during baby's first week and continuing at pivotal transition points, important breastfeeding skills are established and mom’s confidence is built. Baby's weight is always checked before and after breastfeeding to determine milk intake. An in-depth Personalized Care Plan will be sent to mother and pediatrician within 24 hours after appointment. Free phone/email follow-up is included to ensure your concerns have been fully addressed to your satisfaction.
baby scale

Recommended Well Check Schedule
(If you miss a well check, schedule one as soon as possible instead of waiting until the next age.)

  • Third Trimester of PregnancyAssesses mother’s medical history for risk factors and breastfeeding readiness, addresses concerns and questions, prepares for what to expect the first few days after birth
  • Baby’s First WeekAssesses mother’s milk supply and baby’s intake, teaches breastfeeding techniques, addresses current concerns and difficulties, teaches new-baby coping skills, and tips for reaching breastfeeding goals 
  • Baby's Second Week - Assesses milk supply and growth, teaches pumping techniques and bottle introduction, addresses current concerns and difficulties and teaches new-baby coping skills.
  • Baby 6-8 Weeks (or two weeks before return-to-work) - Assesses milk supply and growth, addresses current concerns and difficulties, how to create a breastfeeding-friendly routine that fits with your lifestyle, and return-to-work planning.
  • Baby 5 Months - Assesses milk supply and growth, addresses current concerns and difficulties, teaches proper complementary food introduction, anticipatory guidance for nursing strikes, and tips for reaching breastfeeding goals 
  • Baby 9 Months - Assesses milk supply and growth, addresses current concerns and difficulties, techniques for nursing an active/distracted baby, options for nighttime weaning, and options for nursing past one year. 
  • Weaning - Techniques to safely wean at any age. Options for mother-led weaning and child-led weaning, guidance for protecting the mother-child bond and physical well being. If applicable, techniques for safe preparation of breastmilk substitutes and bottle-feeding.