Caring breastfeeding support for the north Charlotte and Lake Norman region.

We offer these quality products:

Are you... expecting mom, wanting to prepare yourself for the best possible breastfeeding experience?

...a breastfeeding mom, looking for someone to help you overcome challenges or gain confidence while treating you with respect, compassion, and encouragement?

...a medical provider, looking for a caring, knowledgable breastfeeding specialist to refer patients?
...then you've come to the right place!
 Our passion is to equip and empower mothers to have a positive breastfeeding journey and prevent or overcome challenges along the way.
When to Schedule an Appointment
        • During pregnancy for breastfeeding class or consultation
        • Within baby's first week
        • If your pediatrician suggests formula or says baby is not gaining enough weight
        • If baby won't latch, is very fussy, or latching is painful
        • For advice on developing a routine, pumping, starting solid/baby foods and weaning
        • If you are told you need to wean due to medication contraindications
        • Anytime you are worried, feel like breastfeeding is not going well, or just need some reassurance.
For more information on consultations and fees view the services page