Carolyn Honea has been working in the greater Charlotte, NC region since 2011 first as a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and then as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Additionally, Carolyn has eight years of personal experience breastfeeding her four children. This combination enables Carolyn to relate to women on a mom-to-mom level as well as to offer professional, evidence-based advice. Areas of special focus include prenatal breastfeeding education, preterm and small for gestational age newborns, support for working/pumping mothers, baby-led weaning, and counsel for common issues such as low milk supply and latch difficulty. Whether you are an expecting mom preparing for baby's arrival or already breastfeeding and in need of help, Carolyn is ready to come alongside you and offer the support you need to succeed!

Athena Catacalos is a Birth Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) who grew up in the greater Charlotte area. Athena has worked with many families hand-in-hand as a nanny for over seven years. After observing and studying family dynamics, Athena realized how important it is to give parents the correct tools and support that they need to be able to grow healthy, loving children. She trained under Carolyn (owner/lead LC) in 2018, obtained her CLC certification, and is excited to help you reach your breastfeeding goals by combining her love for life and respect for evidence-based research.

Katie Detwiler assists with admin, marketing, social media and helping moms get scheduled with us. She is a breastfeeding mama herself, nursing her adorable toddler Emma. Katie comes from a background in communications and finance, and has an untapped artistic flair we are excited to see flourish in helping us rebrand.

Breastfeeding is the beautiful way God designed moms to feed and nurture their babies, but while it is natural it is also a learned art. In centuries past there was no need for formal "lactation consultants" because breastfeeding was learned from the commonplace experience of watching other mothers breastfeed - much like we learn a lot about how to drive a car by watching others drive, long before we ever sit behind the steering wheel. For thousands of years, women successfully breastfed their children and passed down the knowledge of how to nurture thriving babies to the next generation. In today's culture where people are more familiar with bottlefeeding, mothers need extra support to learn the art of breastfeeding and feel confident in their ability to care for their baby in this natural way. Cultural myths and bottlefeeding approaches derail many a modern woman from reaching her personal breastfeeding goals. The breastfeeding specialist's role is to empower the mother to avoid problems and barriers and have a positive breastfeeding experience. Empowered women can breastfeed successfully, laying the foundation for an attached mother/baby bond, helping the child reach his/her God-given potential in health and intellect, reducing costs associated with illnesses and formula, launch valuable mothering skills, and so much more.

Ideally the interaction between mother and lactation consultant begins during pregnancy and continues through each stage of baby's development (newborn, young baby, starting solid foods, active baby, toddler, weaning, etc). When it comes to breastfeeding, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" couldn't be more true! But if you are already breastfeeding and encountering challenges, please know difficulties are not unusual and our lactation consultants are experienced in helping moms overcome everything from low milk supply to latch problems and more. We are here for you to help you find solutions, reach your personal breastfeeding goals, and most importantly have a positive experience nurturing your baby.