"Despite hearing stories from friends and family, I had no idea how much of a challenge breastfeeding really is! We had several issues: an overly sleepy baby (blessing and curse, right?!), low milk supply, using a shield, and having to supplement with formula via the bottle. A friend of mine referred me to these consultants, and I scheduled an appointment as soon as we came home from the hospital. When I first met with Athena, I was already mentally and physically exhausted and close to giving up, despite how bad I wanted to make breastfeeding work. She has worked with us for three weeks now, and each time I see her, both my baby and I get more and more encouraged that we can do this! Athena's guidance has helped boost my supply a TON, we're hardly using the shield anymore, and we're close to not needing to supplement with formula at all. She is a delight to work with, and she listens to all of my concerns and works to come up with solutions that are manageable for us. And the fact that they do home consults is such a plus! Please do yourself a favor and just schedule at least one appointment with them. They know what they're doing, and whatever your issue is, I guarantee they've seen it before, have resolved it, and want to help you through it. Don't give up, mamas! The help you need is right here!" - Victoria

"Carolyn has truly been an invaluable resource to our breastfeeding journey. After the birth of our son, I was determined to breastfeed, but I never realized how challenging it could be! We received a lot of support from the nurses at the hospital and from the lactation consultants as well, but we still went home in pain with the hope that things would get better. When my son was 5 weeks old, I decided that I had shed enough tears over breastfeeding and that we needed some help! I loved that Carolyn offered home consultations, this is so much easier and more comfortable with a newborn baby. In the first visit, she was offering so many tips and advice that I never remember hearing in the hospital or after. Within a few days, we stopped using a shield during feedings. She also suggested that we see an ENT for evaluation of a possible mild tongue tie. We did and had the issue corrected. Within 2 weeks of seeing Carolyn several times at our house, we were 100% shield free (something I thought may never happen), in a lot less pain, and breastfeeding with a smile! Carolyn continues to be supportive and prompt when I have questions regarding breastfeeding.

If you are struggling with breastfeeding, don't wait to get help! Save yourself time, effort, tears, and google searches and make an appointment with Carolyn ASAP!" - Samantha

"I met Carolyn while attending her Breastfeeding Class. Who knew there was so much to learn about breastfeeding?! Being a first time mom, the topics she covered were VERY informative and needed. I have scheduled several home visits since delivering my little girl to ensure we are on the right track. I love that Carolyn emails me a "Personalized Care Plan" after each visit, listing what we discussed and future plans. I have emailed/texted her with concerns and she is always there. If you are having any doubt about breastfeeding, do not hesitate to contact her.

I know it's because of Carolyn and her knowledge that I have been very successful with breastfeeding. I cannot express how thankful I am for her!" - Brentlee

"I found Carolyn completely by chance through a Google search when I was pregnant. I was unable to breastfeed my first two children and my husband was on the fence about me even trying with our third. After we attended her class he changed his tune entirely. The class was so informative and helpful that I decided to schedule my prenatal appointment with Carolyn. Best. Decision. Ever. She has been such a godsend for me and my son. We had such a rocky start to BF that if not for Carolyn I would certainly have given up again. Thanks to her we have resolved so many issues, got my milk supply up, and my little guy is finally EBF and thriving! If you are looking for the best support in your breastfeeding journey, she is it! Thank you so much for everything!" - Jessica

"Athena from Lake Norman Breastfeeding is amazing! I was almost in tears from struggling with breastfeeding right from the start and felt so alone in it. Athena was compassionate and intuitively knew what to to do. She listens well and is extremely bright, as she knows how to handle every challenge I have had. You can tell Athena truly loves my baby as if he was her own and I feel like she has been part of the family during this time of my life! I can't recommend her enough." - Krista

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