Preparing for a Lactation Consult

Once you've successfully scheduled a lactation consult, you might be wondering if there is anything you need to do to be ready for your appointment. Here are some pointers...

Find out if your insurance covers lactation:

- If you or baby have Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO*, Anthem PPO* or Cigna PPO* you may be able to have the cost of your lactation consults covered 100% by insurance. Fill out this form with our billing partner, The Lactation Network, to confirm your eligibility. You should receive your confirmation of eligibility within a few hours. If you are approved, we will bill directly to insurance at no out of pocket cost to you. 

*The Lactation Network is regularly adding new insurance plans, these are currently the most commonly approved plans. 

- If you have Tricare or Aetna, please email our admin Katie to inquire about insurance billing options.

Collect your thoughts leading up to the appointment:

-If you booked your appointment online, you've already filled out our new client form. If we booked it for you, please be sure to check your email and use the emailed link to edit the forms.

- Jot down a couple of your questions/concerns that you want to remember to discuss

- Be prepared to describe your baby's feeding patterns (if you aren't sure how often they usually nurse, count how many times your baby feeds for the next 24 hours)

- Be prepared to describe any other details such as your pumping routine, bottlefeeding routine, preexisting health conditions, and your baby's weight history

Getting baby ready:

- If possible, time it so that baby is hungry and ready to feed during your appointment. You might try offering a feed to baby 2 hours prior to consult even if it is early for baby's feeding, just to help baby make it to the appointment.

- If you end up needing to feed baby shortly before the appointment, keep it short and feed just enough to take the edge off. Its important for us to be able to assess as full of a feeding as possible.

- For home visits, have baby undressed and wearing a clean diaper. One of the first things we do at every appointment is weigh baby wearing just a dry diaper.

Getting yourself ready:

- Wear something with easy access to the breast. The less fabric and restrictive clothing in the way the better. If you are comfortable with skin to skin during the consult, skip the bra and just wear a bathrobe or kimono on top. 

- If you have long hair, pull it back so that we can get an easy view of baby's latch. 

- You do not need to put on make-up or look your best. We are used to visiting with postpartum moms in yoga pants worn since the day before, milk soaked camisoles, and disheveled hair! Trust us, your inner beauty has never shined brighter!

Getting your home ready:

- NO PREP NEEDED!- The only exception to this is if you would like help working your breast pump. Have all the parts collected in one spot and the pump in the room.

- We are used to messy homes - a messy home tells us you are more focused on caring for baby and getting your rest (hopefully), which is exactly what we recommend!

- We like to be in whatever room you would like the most help getting comfortable. This might be in your own bed, the nursery, or the family room. We can even rotate between rooms so that you can find comfortable setups on different furniture (bed, rocker, sofa).

ONE MORE THING! If your partner/spouse is on paternity leave we would love for them to be present for the consult as well. Please let them know we value their presence! See you soon!