Lactation Consultations

Many moms face breastfeeding difficulties and need a compassionate, knowledgable breastfeeding specialist to help them overcome problems and get back to enjoying nurturing their babies. If you are facing challenges, don’t despair - there are solutions! A consult can address concerns such as nipple pain, low milk supply, oversupply, non-latching baby, fussy baby, jaundiced baby, etc. Scheduling this consult as soon as possible is essential if your pediatrician suggests formula, baby is not gaining adequate weight, or you feel like breastfeeding is not going well for any reason. An in-depth Personalized Care Plan will be sent to mother and pediatrician within 24 hours after appointment.  Free phone/email follow-up is included for two weeks to ensure this issue is resolved to your satisfaction. For more information on preparing for your lactation consult, please see this article.

Telehealth Consultations

Virtual breastfeeding consultations are ideal for established clients who have a few questions or concerns but either do not need or want an in person consult. These Google Meet (HIPAA compliant) or FaceTime appointments can cover topics such as pumping, introducing solids, troubleshooting your baby's routine or new phase, and assistance with breastfeeding/medication compatibility. Topics related to breast pain, latch, milk supply or growth are better suited to an in-person consult.

Breastfeeding Well Checks

The best kind of breastfeeding support is offered during normal ages and stages of caring for your baby. This proactive, mentoring approach empowers you to enjoy the experience of nurturing your baby without being surprised by the unique changes of each season. Beginning with a home visit during baby's first week and continuing at pivotal transition points, important breastfeeding skills are established and mom’s confidence is built. Baby's weight is always checked before and after breastfeeding to determine milk intake. An in-depth Personalized Care Plan will be sent to mother and pediatrician within 24 hours after appointment. Free text/email follow-up is included for one week following appointment.

Breastfeeding Well Check Schedule

(If you miss a breastfeeding well check, schedule one as soon as possible instead of waiting until the next age.)

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