Postpartum Doula & Lactation Support

Hannah Gebhard is a Nutritionist, Nanny and Postpartum Doula working towards her IBCLC certification. Hannah has extensive knowledge in prenatal/postpartum nutrition, baby-led weaning/starting solids, and pediatric nutrition. She is a CAPPA Trained Postpartum Doula where she received training in offering support, information, instruction, comfort, and resources as needed for families.

What is a Postpartum Doula?

If we lived in a perfect world, mothers would be able to climb in bed with their babies for 40 days following childbirth, and focus only on caring for baby and healing from childbirth. (This continues to be a common practice in other cultures.) During this time, the "village" would care for her physical needs, household, and other children. Since we don't have this support in our present culture, a Postpartum Doula fills in this gap. Postpartum Doulas are specifically trained to support families after a new baby arrives, providing the physical and emotional support mothers need while recovering from childbirth and adjusting to life with baby. The goal of the postpartum doula is to help every member of the family, parents & siblings, transition as easily as possible to the many physical, emotional, and mental demands a new baby can bring. 

Research shows that the benefit of having postpartum support include lower rates of postpartum mood disorders, including depression, higher breastfeeding success rates, deeper bonds between parents and infants (as evidenced by lower rates of abuse), and more confidence in parenting skills and competence.

Postpartum Services Offered


$25/hour, daytime (8am-8pm) $35/hour, evening & overnight (8pm-8am)

Minimum number of 4 hours must be purchased/used at a time.

HSA Eligible