Spectra vs Medela Pumps

Why I Became a Spectra Retailer

As a lactation consultant, I talk to moms about their pumping experiences and hear the pros and cons they encounter with various brands of breast pumps. In the past two years a new brand, Spectra, began drawing my attention as many moms started to report that their Spectra pumps were quieter and gentler than their Medela pumps. At the same time, reports began surfacing on the mold issues with used Medela pumps (see right pic of the inside of a Medela). Moms were also encountering a loss of suction power in their Medela pumps especially when they were used second hand or for more than one year. All this led me to start recommending Spectra pumps over Medela. Spectra's closed system prevents milk from entering the tubes and infiltrating the motor, which can lead to mold growth. Its hospital-strength motor comes with a two year warranty and is less likely to putter out when a mom is working full time and pumping. Its quiet rhythm sounds more like a soft sound machine than a whirling factory machine. And its gentle vacuum makes for a more comfortable pumping experience. The Spectra S1 also boasts a built in rechargeable battery that makes pumping on the go super convenient.

Spectra S2

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most women are able to get a free breast pump from their health insurance. Most insurance agencies allow women to choose from a list of covered pumps that typically include a Spectra S2 (see list below). The Spectra S2 is a great option for most women! However, some women who do not have traditional health insurance or who want to upgrade to a Spectra S1 (for the rechargeable built-in battery) may want to pay out of pocket for breast pumps and accessories. Because of this, I decided to become a Spectra retailer to make their pumps and accessories available as part of the comprehensive services offered by Lake Norman Breastfeeding Solutions. If you would like help choosing from the Spectra products I carry, please schedule a Free Product Consult at your convenience. We keep our prices competitive with Amazon and below retail value, but the real savings is that you can use your Health Savings Account when purchasing pumps and accessories from Lake Norman Breastfeeding Solutions.